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Meet our Staff

Ged and Jeni.jpg


Gerimy "Ged" West
Jeni West

Worship Ministry Director

Ged and Jeni have called CCMONTE home for nearly 20 years. Prior to becoming senior pastor in 2012, he taught weekly at various discipleship ministries and churches, and served on the worship team. Ged works in the IT field and has the geek cred to prove it. Jeni leads worship, and has a passion for teaching music and raising the next generation of worship leaders through the Worship Academy ministry. Both Ged and Jeni are trained TPM mentors  |  360-538-7522 | 360-580-3189

Brian & Randi.jpg


Brian Kjesbu


Randi Kjesbu

Children's Ministry Director

Brian is a fiery, Spurgeon-quoting Bible teacher who loves to get into the intentional details of Scripture (but unfortunately never has time!) Randi has a skill in teaching children and her days as a teacher have equipped her for directing and coordinating the weekly Children's Ministry teams - she even created the curriculum, so from Pre-School to 6th grade, kids will go through the entire Bible 3 times!  |  360-591-1754

dustin and heather.jpg


Dustin Bruland

Heather Bruland

Dustin and Heather have been attending CCMonte for nearly 10 years. They have faithfully served in many different areas in the church and are highly involved in the Montesano community. Their heart for the youth and families in Montesano is contagious and their love for others is apparent in conversation and action. Every Sunday, you'll find Dustin playing football with the kids in front of the church and you'll find Heather welcoming someone new without the slightest hint of shyness or difference in treatment.  |  360-220-8772

Gary & Judy.jpg


Gary Mawhorter
Judy Mawhorter

Gary and Judy have been serving in leadership since 2010. Gary faithfully serves on the tech team and is very involved in the Montesano community. Judy has a gift for baking and hospitality, and owns a local bakery and coffee shop that *pours* into the lives of Monte locals.  |  360-580-5145

Shane & Rachel.jpg


Shane Chilman


Rachel Chilman

Shane and Rachel have been in leadership since 2013. Shane diligently serves on the worship team by playing lead guitar. Rachel has an eye for decorating, is a master gardener and loves teaching kids about Jesus. Her floral arrangements and seasonal decor brighten our church on the inside and out  |  360-556-8909

Erick & Michelle.jpg


Erick Olson


Michelle Olson

Erick and Michelle have been serving in leadership since 2013. They clean our church, teach children, provide meals and help with construction. If something is done and you didn't see it happen - the Olsons probably did it!  |  360-581-6927


Administrative Assistant

Megan West

Megan was raised in CCMONTE and is now planning special events, creating seasonal programs, coordinating between the different ministries, and scheduling volunteers. She also keeps the church up to date through our website, app and social media platforms | 360-580-3367

natalie headshot.jpg


Natalie Clements

Natalie is CCMonte's first intern! She has been serving in church since she was a teen and has volunteered in multiple areas, including children's ministry, cleaning, events and more. Natalie is currently in school and pursuing nursing. We are so excited to have her on board - come say hi at our info table!


Children's Ministry Assistant

Kasie Kloempken

We are so thankful to have Kasie back in Montesano since her time in Oregon. She seamlessly filled the position as the Children's Ministry Assistant and keeps things in the classrooms running smooth. Kasie's work ethic and tenacity is second to none and, because of this, she is organizing and executing the Community Bible Camp: a city-wide, multi-church day camp for the kids in Montesano to learn about Jesus!  |  360-589-6928

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